Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.
Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.

Services and Prices


I travel out to you.



People    £40 - 45 mins

Horses and ponies/large animals     £35 - 45 mins

Larger dogs/sheep   £30 - 30-45 mins

Small animals and small dogs/cats   £25 - 30 mins

Distance Reiki   £20 - 30 mins

Shared Reiki 1 person and 1 animal £50 - 45 mins

Times are approximate. Plus travel for some areas.



Pet bereavement counseling, advice and support

Individual plan from £40



Bitless sessions and trials £45 - 90 mins (plus travel for some areas)


Distance bitless support £35


Build the bond liberty sessions £40 - 45 mins (plus travel for some areas)






Hands on healing for horse owners £40 -  45 mins (At least 3 recommended)


Reiki 1 Shoden from £80

Reiki 2 Oku Den from £80

Reiki for Animals foundation from £80

Reiki for Animals Advanced from £80


Vouchers always available



I can also put together


Non ridden days

A day of things to do when you don’t ride your pony/horse. Lots of people now keep horses and don’t ride them but still want guidance and fun things to do. Handling, training, fun. All from the ground. Great for oldies, youngsters or those retired from riding. Can help handler/horse bond and confidence for both horse and handler. Could also include bitless trial and options.


Have you ever thought of relaxation and meditation with your horse? Also available as regular hourly sessions.




I can put together a clinic/workshop to suit your needs, a great alternative for yards or individuals.

I offer discounts for multiple bookings please ask for further details as these are tailored to the individual.


I do however charge for travel depending on where you are located to cover some of my fuel cost.


Paypal accepted.


Home visits will require payment on the day or before via paypal.

Email and phone consultations require payment before provision of individual plan.



Please contact me for any further information.






Jewels Therapy

Holistic Services






My location is


North East Aberdeenshire


For local events please see my Facebook page





Contact me


If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me:


+44 07815284357 +44 07815284357


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