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Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.

"People and Ponies" Building the bond.

My name is Julie Brooks, welcome to my website.


Please browse through and if you have any questions then please ask, I also have Facebook and a blog (links on the courses and workshops page).


I started off many years ago with beauty therapy but have more recently learned many types of therapies and skills, including attaining Reiki Master/Teacher, counselling skills and mindfulness. I use all my skills with my own ponies and animals which I find so interesting and Im always observing and learning from this.



At home with my own ponies I use bitless bridles and treeless saddles. However quite often I just dont use any tack at all, not even a headcollar. I will often choose to have a groundwork session at liberty and to be honest its not hugely different for us to having the same session with a headcollar and rope. We have spent many hours exploring and enjoying this way of doing stuff, we learn from each other. I love asking "can we?" and even though sometimes the answer is "I cant" or "I dont know what you are asking", for the most its a definite YES! If one way doesnt work we try another.


I love that my ponies want to join in, they very rarely dont want to and then theres usually a very good reason for that. In fact they usually both want to join in at the same time and sometimes we try that too.

I use clicker training with my girls and we all love it.


I have also found that when doing something new, or something that they are unsure of its much better that they are free to walk away when they need to. I had a pony that I was re introducing to clipping, she was a bit nervous although I know she used to be fine, I gave her a pile of hay and then began as if she was new to clippers, clicking and treating, she could go if she wanted to but very soon she was absolutely fine, and quite relaxed.


I am very interested in the bond between horse and handler, the relationship can be quite special and many of my therapies are geared towards enhancing that bond. My experience and skill set often join together in a session.


I have often had people say to me "I would love to be able to do that" when I say I often have liberty sessions, well they certainly can. We dont all of a sudden turn them loose and have a super session, we build up to it, we explore, we build the bond.



Ever wanted to try some liberty training with your horse? Dont know where to start or worried about lack of control? I can help you get started, we can take it at your own pace and I can help you develop the skills and the bond with your horse. These are suitable for any level and any age of horse/handler.

I only offer 1 to 1 sessions for many of my services although a few could be shared between 2. I feel the individual attention is so important.



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