Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.
Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.

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2020 and 2021 were challenging for many people. In 2019 just before the first lockdown I had quite a few workshops and sessions planned and booked but sadly that had to change, better that we all keep safe.
I now feel able to begin to offer these again, I feel we may all be needing some much needed wellbeing.
I have spent a lot of time with my own animals and also started a blog which I will link below. My aim here is to be able to point you in the right direction to specific information about certain things eg bitless bridles, Reiki, liberty sessions.
I also have a Facebook page with reviews and videos as well as photos of sessions from before the lockdown. Again I will link below.
Once the weather becomes a bit more spring-like Im hoping to make a few videos for you too. Im always open to suggestions so if theres something you are interested in seeing from here then please contact me.
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