Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.
Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.

"Conneqtion" Mindfulness with your horse.


Who has confidence problems? And more specifically who has confidence problems in relation to their horse? It could be from the ground or ridden, or in a specific area. Whose horse has confidence problems?


Now, who has problems with progression while riding/training? Either for yourself or your horse?


Do you long to have the ease of other people while handling or riding?


Do you feel you could be getting a lot more progress with your schooling/lessons but something seems to get in the way?


Do you want that special bond with your horse that you see others with?


Do you have a new horse who is struggling to settle or who you are struggling to bond with?

If you can answer YES to 1 or more of these then why not book one of my sessions?
These are not riding lessons as such but lessons in feel and energy which will enable you to open the door to more successful training. If you thought that “feel” can’t be taught, then think again.


I can help you to boost your own confidence, we will move at your own pace and work with your individual needs. These sessions are focussed on the rider/handler while having huge benefit for your horse, increasing your skills and bond with your horse. Suitable for people of all levels from beginner to competitor, and whatever discipline you prefer. Suitable for people of all ages too.

These are especially useful if you have a new horse and are experiencing settling problems. By building the bond you can work through so many other issues like difficult to catch, leading problems etc.

My lessons start with you on the ground and soon progress to handling/riding. I won’t be teaching you how to ride but will be teaching you how to be so that you can ride much better and gain so much more from your riding lessons/training.


 I will come to you and help you gain a whole new set of skills.


I work with this on a 1 to 1 basis as I feel it is important for our focus.


I can however come to a yard and see more people in a day.


I will take an initial consultation either by email or over the phone to see if we can work together and an individual plan will be made.


Sessions from £30






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North East Aberdeenshire


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