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Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.

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My name is Julie Brooks and I live in North East Aberdeenshire. I moved here with my husband, 2 daughters and 3 ponies at the end of 2004 and my animal family has slowly grown since!


We currently have a small flock of sheep, 4 ponies, 1 horse and 2 dogs but over the years we have shared our lives with many more including rescue hens, a rabbit, guinea pig and pet rats. We had a brief visitor of a pigeon who just wanted some food and water for a few days before he set off on his travels again. We also have a cat living around here who although we dont own has decided she would like to stay and is a regular companion of mine when Im outside.


I began my own Reiki journey in 2007 when I obtained First Degree and followed with Second Degree the following year. I have now become Reiki Master/Teacher.


I have experience of giving Reiki to many types of animals, at some point I think all of mine have received at least one treatment although maybe a few of the sheep have missed out! I have also given Reiki to plants as I have been planting them in the ground. I have experience of using Reiki with many different conditions and problems.


I started out sharing my Reiki with family and friends both of the 2 legged and 4 legged varieties and now I feel I wish to share this further by offering my services to others.

I am passionate about nutrition and believe that a good healthy diet can make the world of difference to our daily lives. I have a special interest in equine nutrition and now have acheived a Canine Nutrition Diploma so that I can offer an independant service to dog owners.


All of my services and treatments work really well together to offer a totally holistic approach to healthy living.


I offer a range of therapies and services. I travel out to you where you are most relaxed. I can offer a combination of these or individual sessions to suit your needs.



Physiatrics (1996)
Aesthetician (1996)
Counselling CS01 (1998)
HNC Media Production (2002)
Reiki 1st Degree (2007)
Reiki 2nd Degree (2008)
Equine Nutrition (2013)
Animal Therapy Diploma (2013)
Crystal Therapy Diploma (2013)
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health (2013)
EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to become a veterinarian? (2014)
Dog emotion and cognition (2015)
Animal Behaviour and Welfare (2016)
Canine Nutrition Diploma (2016)
Master Herbalist Diploma (2016)

Reiki Master/Teacher (2016)

First aid for dogs and dog owners(2016)

Basic Pendulum dowsing (2016)

Transcendental dowsing techniques (2017)

Pet bereavement counsellor Diploma(2017)

Past life regression counsellor (2018)

Mindfulness practitioner/master (2018)

Feline behaviour and psychology Diploma (2019)



Jewels Therapy

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My location is


North East Aberdeenshire


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+44 07815284357 +44 07815284357


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