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Jewels Therapy.  Nutrition & Holistic Services.

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My name is Julie Brooks, welcome to my website.


Please browse through and if you have any questions then please ask, I also have Facebook and a blog (links on the courses and workshops page).


I started off many years ago with beauty therapy but have more recently learned many types of therapies and skills, including attaining Reiki Master/Teacher, counselling skills and mindfulness. I use all my skills with my own ponies and animals which I find so interesting and Im always observing and learning from this.


I dont see myself as a traditional horse person, I like to explore how I can do things and ask myself why I was taught to do a particular thing in a particular way, sometimes there is good reason but sometimes not!


Although I have worked through the achievements below I do also have a lot of practical experience too. I tend use my therapies at home with my own animals when needed.

My experience of bitless bridles for instance comes from many trial and error sessions with my own ponies, research and observations.


I also work very much with my own intuition, it doesnt let me down. Im a firm believer in if it feels right then it is. My Reiki sessions are always guided by this but it does help in all that I offer.


I also feel quite strongly that even though a horse or pony isnt being ridden, it doesnt mean that you cant still have lots of fun together. Theres so much you can do together without you being on their back.





Physiatrics (1996)
Aesthetician (1996)

Counselling CS01 (1998)
HNC Media Production (2002)
Reiki 1st Degree (2007)
Reiki 2nd Degree (2008)

Equine Nutrition (2013)
Animal Therapy Diploma (2013)

Crystal Therapy Diploma (2013)
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health (2013)
EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to become a veterinarian? (2014)
Dog emotion and cognition (2015)
Animal Behaviour and Welfare (2016)
Canine Nutrition Diploma (2016)

Master Herbalist Diploma (2016)

Reiki Master/Teacher (2016)

First aid for dogs and dog owners(2016)

Basic Pendulum dowsing (2016)

Transcendental dowsing techniques (2017)

Pet bereavement counsellor Diploma(2017)

Past life regression counsellor (2018)

Mindfulness practitioner/master (2018)

Feline behaviour and psychology Diploma (2019)

Head Anatomy participation of Horses inside out webinar (2022)


Jewels Therapy

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My location is


North East Aberdeenshire


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